• Brahmrishi College Of Education

    In Brahmrishi College of Education, we look at Education differently. For us, Education does not lie in the quantification of knowledge. But it lies in the quality of knowledge that helps to form the character of students through Wisdom , Love and Service. We are imparting education to the Teacher trainees of the Diploma in Education (D.El.Ed.) recognised by The State Council of Educational Research and Training and Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.

    Institution’s Vision

    Keeping in view the vision of Reverend Gurudev Brahmrishi V. Bawra that “A child is a very delicate plant of the Divine nursery, the best way to nurture it, is through Wisdom, Love and Service.” The vision of the college is to innovate and energize the prospective teachers with right attitudes, values and ideologies to.

    • Act as a facilitator among their pupils through appropriate skills and methodologies.
    • Attain the heights of academic achievements through hard work critical analysis and clarity of decisions.
    • Provide the effective and responsible leadership and render selfless service to community at large.

    Institution’s Motto

    • In service of humanity (Sarv Bhut Hitey Ratah)
    • Unity in diversity (Ekatvam Anupashyatah)

    Institution’s Mission

    • WISDOM — Doubtless Knowledge
    • LOVE — Lust Less Love
    • SERVICE — Selfless Service