• Computer Laboratory

    A computer lab is a spot to work on projects outside the class. Our college has a computer lab equipped with current model high end PC computers, high speed network & storage and printer to meet the needs of students. The computer lab is located in the lower level of the building accessible to all students & staff members. In this lab instructor interacts with the students to help them master the technology skill needed in their particular skill. It is designed to provide teaching environment that help in giving practical knowledge to the students. Here students learn to use the technology in teaching by preparing power point presentations under the guidance of instructor. All academic work relating to holding of seminars and conferences is carried out through the computers. Qualified and trained staff is handling the computers and providing instructions to the students.

  • Science Laboratories

    Science is a subject which canít be taught through lecture method, if you want to teach what Science is. Firstly, you have to teach what observation is, because Science is the knowledge of activities being performed by nature/ human in our environment. Our college also believes in the fact and to provide good science teacher our college has a Science laboratory, where B. Ed. & D.Ed. Science student perform various activities & learn to use the simple activities and experiments in teaching science. Students make different working & non-working models to prove the different science laws & principles. Students interact with each other and use these models in their teaching practice. College also has a science park in which teaching of science is taught with the help of play way method. In park students learn to use simple devices for effective teaching of science.

  • Art & Craft Room

    Art & Craft inspire creativity. It stimulates the mind of students & give them opportunity to express their views & ideas in their own unique way. Itís a way to uncover hidden talent that may not be seen otherwise. It is the best way to communicate your thoughts and feelings. When a student tries to make anything or draw anything, with each of his decision, he presents the idea in a creative manner. The way he uses colors, brushes, paper etc makes the object his own. In Art & Craft room many thoughts & ideas are presented on paper by the students. It is not a place where artistic pieces are made; it is a place where artists are born.

  • Math Laboratories

    The college has a math laboratory which provides good platform for the integration of theory with practice. It plays significant role in creating interest of our students in the learning of mathematics. It provides proper facilities and opportunities for essential practical work and lively learning experience. Our lab is fully equipped with mathematic charts, models, pictures, geometrical instruments, puzzles, games and CDís, also equipped with all necessary mathematic apparatuses for D.Ed. and B.Ed. students. These apparatuses are used by the students to understand their use in primary and secondary classes during teaching of mathematics.

  • Psychology Laboratory

    Psychology lab attempts at standardizing tools & designing theoretical framework from traditional knowledge. The lab hosts a spectrum of facilities to access cognition, physical abilities & professional skills using standardized tests. Our Psychology Laboratory equipped with near about 30 (verbal & non-verbal) psychological tests and equipment. The pupil teachers and members of the faculty make use of these tests for conducting research.

    Sports or Play ground

    Survival & success of man has always dependent upon his mental and physical energy so to make a healthy nation its foundation i.e. youngsters should be healthy. Academic learning & sports education complement each other they resembles two sides of the same coin. The qualities of leadership, sharing, team spirit & tolerance are learnt from sports. It also develop the habit of obedience, discipline, determination to win, will power etc. sports education along with academic results in all round development of the student. Keeping in mind the all above points our college provides sports facilities to students to participate in various outdoor & indoor games & track field sports. Annually sports meet is organized in our college which provides great opportunity to all students to show there sports skills under healthy competition. Winners are awarded by guests with prizes and certificates.

  • Library and Information Centre

    The college has a fully automate digital library with internet enquiry facility where all activities like the lending of books, purchase of books, lending of audio visual material, book bank are computerized. The library has an important role to play in an educational Institution. It is an essential core element and dynamic instrument for the promotion of educational research. The founder of the college Param Pujya Vishwatma ji maharaj had a passion for good books. The library is well equipped with the latest books. It has 10,425 books in stock. It subscribes to various journals on education. Books are properly Classified, Catalogued & arranged systematically for the users. Research and reference sections are well stocked. In the library members of the staff and students can consult books freely and make their own selection. A B.Ed. & D. Ed. student is issued two books at a time for a period of 10 days. The library has a photocopier where members of the staff and students can get documents photocopied at concessional rates. Members of the faculty recommend books to be purchased for the library. The jackets of new arrivals are displayed on a board. There is One PC for Librarian along with Library Software of E-granthalaya, for Automation of the library, Inquiry Purposes and Internet purposes. There is a provision of Book bank in the college library. Books are issued to the needy, deserving & meritorious students for the entire session. A highly qualified and experienced librarian heads the library.

  • Facilities available to the Students

    Meditation Room
    Parking Areas
    Purified drinking water
    Prayer room
    Placement cell
    Rest rooms
    Gym facility/Sports room
    Govt. Bus

  • Facilities available to the Staff

    Parking areas
    Research facilities
    Refresher courses
    Staff room
    Meditation hall